In difficult times where our finances do not match, it is almost impossible to leave the job to find one with better conditions, but what we can try is to try to get extra money in the free time we have.

Below we detail a series of ideas that may be beneficial for you and your family: Did you know that you can sell your photographs in banks of images? If you have this entertainment of taking pictures in your free time, what better way to take advantage of this pastime than to sell the material you have, especially in internet image banks that will reward you with a percentage of the sales they make.

There is a platform where you can advertise any service you do and it’s completely free, we tell you about Fiveer where you can sell your skills and the platform will charge you but for every sale you make. Another good idea that we can leave you is that you try to become a writer or writer of content for web pages,

there are thousands of users who are looking for editors and additional to this there are sites that are dedicated to promoting your services as Workana, Freelance or Forobeta. If you have a writer’s vocation, we invite you to turn on your computer to prepare an ebook and get ready to sell it on Amazon, a platform that will charge you only 30% of the profits you generate. Amazon also offers you the opportunity along with other platforms such as Ebay or ClickBank to recommend your products for your networks and pay a commission for each sale that is made.

If you dig a little you can also get pages that pay you for publishing their products on your social networks like Instagram, Facebook or twitter. In some cities around the world you can also get paid for placing signs and advertisements in your vehicle. You would be making money just by moving your car from home to work. There are many ideas that can help you overcome bad economic times, the important thing is to evolve and act.

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