5 programs that you should know if you love TRAVELING around the world

Each place has its traditional attractions, which must be visited: the itineraries that all tourists must have any of these programs For travelers
program # 1
Climbing the Eiffel Tower
Yes, everyone wants to see the Eiffel Tower. And we’re not suggesting you skip that all-important frame of the city! But honestly, there is too much queue to climb the Tower. It does not make sense to wait for hours. Also, the biggest problem with the view of the Eiffel Tower is that … it does not include the Eiffel Tower!
Alternative: Climb to the Montparnasse tower
One of the tallest buildings in Paris, it has a magnificent view of the city that includes the Eiffel Tower, with the advantage of not having even a third of the queues. In addition, the elevator is super fast and very modern, avoiding the fatigue of climbing the stairs of the Arc de Triomphe or Notredame.
program # 2: Visit to the Louvre Museum
So wonderful that it deserves days and days of visits. And that’s where the problem lies. A common tourist does not have so much time to devote himself solely to a museum. So, what happens is that he stays in line for an hour or two, enters the museum, arrives at the Monalisa, fights with some others to see the Venus de Milo and leaves. You do not have enough time to appreciate all the art that exists inside the building.
Alternative: Visit the Orsay Museum
It will still have lines, but they are usually much smaller, and the size of the museum is easier to handle. It will give you time to see much more. The wing of the Impressionists is a must. And the fact that the building was a train station also helps make the visit even more interesting.
program # 3 : Visit to the Luxembourg Gardens
Nothing against the Luxembourg garden. In fact, it seems very good to me: it’s a bit of calm amid the tumult of the city. But if you ask for any Parisian which is the best park in the city, the answer will be another …
Alternative: Visit the Parc Buttes Chaumont
Parc Buttes Chaumont is considered the most charming city park. The location is a bit far from the typical tourist attractions, but it is worth it for those who really want to enjoy a park: lots of green space, waterfalls, beautiful views of the Sacre Coeur and a very trendy restaurant / bar in the summer
program # 4: Taxi ride
It is very convenient for a tourist to simply take a taxi: you do not have to worry about the road. But, I’m warning, the taxi in Paris is not so abundant. Most of the time, you need good luck, or ask by phone. That’s why I usually recommend …
Alternative: Walking
Paris is a relatively small city. It’s worth putting a map under your arm (or using the phone’s GPS) and trying to face it on foot. You will see many more hidden and charming details in this way. If the distances are very large, the metro system of the city works very well and reaches almost any corner .
program # 5: Euro Disney
Many people who come to Paris decide to take a whole day to go to Euro Disney. Nothing against. Euro Disney is beautiful. Only when you have a limited time in the city, why waste so much time on a typically American attraction?
Alternative: Parc Asterix
If you really want to include an amusement park on your trip, there are more French alternatives like Parc Asterix. Based on the comic Asterix and Obelix, the park is very fun and much more original than Disney.
And you, dear reader, do you prefer typical or alternative programs? Which of these programs have you experienced in Paris? What do you recommend?

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