Tips when traveling

Transfer between airport / hotel
it is not recommended to take a taxi that is not indicatedsomeone, unfortunately in the airport of Santiago there are many pirate taxi drivers. Another option for those traveling alone or as a couple, are the shared vans of Transvip or Delfos, they cost an average of $ 8,000 Chilean pesos per person and can be hired at the airport..

If you are going with children or teenagers accompanied by only one of the parents, it is essential to have the international travel authorization of the child and / or adolescent with a recognized signature of a notary, it is only to print (the authorization form that your country offers) and sign, remembering that it must be an authorization for each child.

Santiago is a safe city, but like everywhere else, there are always bullies. Redoubled attention in places of great movement, such as shopping centers, hills, parks, tourist spots and the subway.

Currently it is better to make the money change in Santiago. As soon as you disembark at the airport you have a wide range of exchange houses, but since the rate is not very good, it is worth changing just a little for the snack and paying for the taxi and the rest on Calle Augustinas – Centro de Santiago, It has several exchange houses with a better offer.

3. Water
Even though all the water in Chile is filtered and you can drink directly from the tap, be very careful. For those who are not accustomed, water has many mineral salts and may not fall well and end up hindering your trip. Prefer mineral water. A 500 ml bottle of water costs around $ 700 Chilean pesos (approximately US $ 1).

The currency here in Chile is the Chilean peso and to make the conversion to your national currency, you can use Internet calculators that convert them according to the exchange rate of the day, so you will have the approximate value. For example, a lunch that costs 5,000 Chilean pesos in US dollars is $ 7.53 on the day this post was written (August 12, 2018).

Currently it is better to make the money change in Santiago. As soon as you disembark at the airport you have a wide range of exchange houses,

Theft of bags and bags: We have the habit (mainly women) of sitting in a restaurant or a food court and placing the bags and bags on the chairs next to them. But pay attention, in Santiago these bags are “disappearing”, I have already heard some stories of foreigners that were stolen, even in the Mall Parque Arauco!

Taxis: The theft occurs at the time of paying the race. The taxi driver tells you the value and you give him the money, he receives a 20 or 10 thousand bill and tells him that he received a lower value, such as 2 thousand or 1 thousand. So, the ideal thing is to deliver the tickets and certify with the taxi driver saying: Here there are 10 thousand pesos.

The recommendation is to use the taxi from an agency or hotel, or call the Easy Taxi or UBER application.

Electric sockets
The shot in Chile is 3 pins. But attention! The voltage is 220. So, women who are thinking of wearing hair dryers or irons, if it is 110 volts, forget it.

Mobile operators
The best option is to buy a chip in Chile. The operators there are: Entel, Movistar, Claro and Virgin. In that order of quality, however tourists prefer to use the Movistar chip.

No type of vaccine is required to enter Chile, so it is not necessary to have the International Certificate of Vaccination and Prophylaxis (CIVP).

Travel insurance
It is not mandatory to take out insurance to enter the country, but I recommend it. Travel quietly, take out insurance.

Use of sunscreen and lipstick
Both summer and winter it is very important to use sunscreen and lip balm, and a moisturizer. Santiago has a very dry climate and the air is very polluted. Arriving here you will already feel your lips “cracked” and your skin dry. That’s why sunscreen, lip balm and a moisturizer are very important. Women can abuse hair creams, here the hair stays very dry.

The chip costs an average of $ 3,000 Chilean pesos ($ 5.00 approximately). Claro offers a promotion, if you buy the chip you have 30 days of free access to Facebook and WhatsApp. WOM is the newest operator in Chile, I have not used it yet, but for those who want only data packages it is a good option, it has a price more on account.


You do not need a passport or visa to enter the country, only your identity card in good condition (preferably with less than 10 years of use). Attention! It must be your identity card, no other document, type driver’s license. But if you want to stay in Chile to live or work there, you do need a passport.

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