The previous year ended in an economic collapse at the level of cryptocurrencies, as a global decline caused a great recession in this mining industry. One of the big questions that investors ask in the financial market is the behavior of cryptocurrencies in 2019, since everything seems to indicate that it will be a decisive year to determine if this mechanism will be sustainable in the immediate future. According to experts of the subject this 2019 will be an ideal scenario to see the support of cryptocurrencies, especially to be able to see the behavior before the final regulations that can be made by governments around the world, because everything seems to indicate that as long as they clarify the doubts and fears of the governmental actors we are going towards a market that would be more comfortable and calm. Another factor that will be decisive in this 2019 is that the blockchain have many solutions programmed during this year, which makes the market of cryptocurrencies look more attractive. One of the news that keeps this market optimistic is the announcement made at the end of 2018 Nasdaq, the world’s largest high-tech stock exchange, which ensures that in the first months of this new year will launch a new marketing platform for cryptocurrencies, in which it is rumored that this company is likely to acquire Binance, undoubtedly the platform where the largest number of cryptocurrencies are traded. Another scenario that can be presented in favor of this market is that in the face of a possible global economic recession in 2019 that will directly affect the developing countries, the possibility exists that these small countries will see how an option to try to digitize your money, to protect your economy. This cryptocurrency market has fluctuated a lot since its appearance, although everything seems to indicate that its future will depend a lot on its behavior in this year 2019.

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